FashionPHILIPPINES is form, function, and design sewn together by Filipino craftsmen into tapestries of bold and colorful product collections.

One-of-a-kind signature fashion pieces emerge from the innovative minds and skillful hands of the Philippines' design talents who use traditional and current techniques in manipulating indigenous materials into veritable works of art.

FashionPHILIPPINES is an industry brand initiated by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions.

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FashionPHILIPPINES at Fashion Utopias:
International Fashion Showcase 2016

UTOPIAN U-TURNS exhibits nerve, bravado, pluck. It is a young take on fashion—by a group of designers who, having grown up in the Philippines, have experienced intimacies with dystopia. That they can turn to clothes-, jewelry- and shoe-making with unusual savior-faire, may be precisely because their utopias are personal and ever-provisional.

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Ecard 1:
FashionPHILIPPINES returns to International Fashion Showcase 2016 | 19-23 Feb 2016 | London, UK
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Ecard 2/NL 1:
Witness a fresh take on fashion at the IFS 2016 | FashionPHILIPPINES | 19-23 Feb | London, UK
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Ecard 3/NL2:
Take a sneak peek of the Philippine designs at IFS 2016
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Ecard 4/NL3:
Know the designers behind FashionPHILIPPINES at the IFS 2016 | 19-23 Feb | London, UK
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